(The) Happiness (Code)

Being happy is not a privilege – it is something everyone deserves – Domonique Bertolucci

If you have no idea who she is, you can check it here : http://www.domoniquebertolucci.com/about/

One of her book that i have read is “The Happiness Code” yang sampai sekarang itu buku masih di My Boyfriend – Belum dibalik-balikin. haha. Jadi kalau gue mau tulis isi nya mungkin harus berpikir keras. *ditimpuk pacar

What is it all about? the reason that i want to share you is because that book is so Amazing.

Interesting? Well, maybe. for those who like to read, that book definitely interesting. the way she puts it in every Code, the way she tells all of those stories. So, yes, it’s interesting.

The First Key is about Taking Charge – The principle of Choice. You choose who you want to be. what you want to be. and how good you want to be. your life depends on you. not others. Because the only person that knows who you are is yourself. so you know where to aim. you know how good you can aim your expectations. Not from others. but from yourself.

The Second Key is about Let it Go – The Principle of Acceptance. Boso Jowo nya ya “Nerimo”. (Bener gak sih tuh? secara gue bukan orang jawa) Anyway,  Nerimo bukan berarti lo bisa ngomong “yaudah lah, emang begini ada nya. gue terima kok” well, there’s a fine line between “Nerimo” sama “Pasrah”. Usaha, men. Lo gak bisa belum apa-apa, belum usaha apa-apa, trus tiba-tiba udah “Nerimo”. Wake Up! because its not what it’s all about. Lo boleh “Nerimo” kalau semuanya itu udah beyond your control. di First Key udah dibilangin for you to take Charge of yourself. Inti nya apa yang udah lewat, apa yang udah lo putusin. yaudah. itu udah hasil akhir. Lo baru boleh “Nerimo”. jangan belum apa-apa tapi udah “Nerimo” aja. (Disclaimer : yang orang jawa maaf yah bahasa nya gue pake seenaknya. Gak ada maksud apa-apa, kok. Gue cuma suka aja pake “Nerimo” kayak lebih greget gitu, loh.)

The Third Key is about Live for Now – The principle of Presence. Katanya, sih. Susah. Well, you don’t know how hard it is until you have tried, right? Lo udah nerima kok masa lalu lo. semenit yang udah berlalu udah dihitung masa lalu, loh. Even, every second that passed is a past. Ya, lo tinggal live in the moment. Kalo kata Domonique “At the same time, don’t be so busy dreaming of your future that you overlook or waste the opportunities that are presented to you today. It’s important to accept the past, dream of the future, but live in the moment!” – Enjoy your life at this moment. Because, right now, this moment, is something you can control. 

The Fourth Key is about Expect the Best – The principle of Optimism. There are risks. There is always a risk. But there is also a word of “Calculated Risk”. Do your Best, at this moment. Right here, right now. 

The Fifth Key is about Back Yourself – The Principle of Belief. When you already expect the Best for what ever you’re doing, the rest is you need to Believe in it. Believe in yourself. Believe that whatever you plan or whatever you’re dreaming of the future based on your Optimism will turn out well. So just Believe in it. Kalo lo percaya dengan keberadaan Tuhan (Doesn’t matter what your religion is), percaya dengan Every little things that you cannot see or touch it, such as Love. How come you cannot believe your own self, right?

So that’s half of the Book is all about. There are 10 Keys of Happiness. Gue cuma inget 5, untuk sekarang, karena balik lagi, itu buku masih ditangan sang Pacar. *ditimpuk lagi

So, to be continued, then…


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